Blog Traffic Tips: 20 Ways To Attract Followers

These 20 blog traffic tips will give you the essential knowledge you need to help your audience find your blog.

Have strong content.

1. Write something new. Even if it’s from your archives, make sure you bring a fresh perspective to the world of blogging. Whether you tackle an obscure subject or a popular one, it’s vital to have a unique angle.

2. Post often. Post once a day when you are a new blogger. The content of the internet is constantly updated, so constantly updating your content will give it legitimacy. Let people know that your blog is a reliable information source.

4. Write with personality, your personality. The driest subject can be fascinating and the most exciting story can be sawdust. It’s the human element that draws us in. So make sure that whatever you write about, the reader knows its yours.

5. Post pictures, videos, and links. Not only will this make your content richer, but it will increase your SEO (search engine optimization) rating.

Get involved in the web community and create a community on your blog.

Create a community.

2. Encourage comments. Newbies judge a blog as much by the amount of comments as by the actual content, if not more. Think about what you look for when you go to a new blog. So make sure there are comments! Engage your readers. Always ask questions. And if you want some extra insurance, talk your non-blogging friends into adding comments. No one will know the difference.

3. Host a contest. Reward your loyal followers and gain some new ones by offering a contest related to your theme. This is especially helpful if you have a product you’d like to promote. Promotional giveaway of your first book, anyone?

4. Exchange links. Find a website which shares your niche and participate in a link exchange.

5. Use social networking. Take advantage of Twitter and Facebook for instant updates on blog activities.

5. Use social marketing tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

1. Go to Yahoo Answers and LinkedIn Answers, and start answering questions.

2. Become a part of online communities and forums.

3. Write articles for EzineArticles, Helium, or another online article source.

4. Create a Squidoo lens. Share your knowledge via Squidoo to hook them in, and link back to your best blog posts (a couple blog posts) to keep them coming back for more.

5. Publish an ebook. For many bloggers this is a natural evolution after they have established a strong body of content. If your blog has reached that level or you have the material for a different book then by all means publish it! With self publishing online, there’s no excuse not to do it. It will increase your credibility and provide another avenue for people to find you, not to mention being a possible source of income.

Promote your blog offline. It’s amazing how many potential readers there are right in your own community. Although you don’t have to promote offline, this innovative tactic can have some surprising returns if you do your research first.

1. Enlist your friends. Whatever you blog about make sure they know to casually mention your url whenever the subject comes up. “You’re interested in raising exotic animals? Well, there’s this great blog…”

2. Find your niche in their offline hangout. Go to a coffee shop and talk loudly about an issue referenced on your blog with a new acquaintance. Insist that he or she read your blog either to commiserate or be converted to your side. They’ll go and so will the people near your eavesdropping with their laptops. Then they’ll go and tell their friends.

3. Make experts and leaders your allies. Get doctors to recommend your recipe blog to patients on your special diet. Get professors to recommend your blog about your sociology thesis. People will listen.

4. Put up fliers.

5. Read aloud from your blog at an open mic night. If you don’t mind public speaking, this can be a great tool, especially for a blog with a creative bent.

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