Learning about Behaviors from an Animal Blog

There are many people that search the internet for information about how to best care for their pet. Reading the postings of an animal blog, some people are able to identify issues with their pet and resolve concerns that they may have. Blogging about special dietary concerns or the general health of their cat or dog a number of pet owners faithfully go online to learn more about what other owners are doing for their animals. Looking up useful information about an injury that has been suffered by their cat, some pet owners can determine when and if they need to take their cat to the veterinarian for medical attention.

As the owner of a Tomcat who likes to pick fights with other neighborhood felines I have been concerned about the cuts and scratches that my animal comes home with. Although I have no felt the need to treat the animal to a veterinarian visit I am concerned about a limp that my pet has. Being unable to walk on his front paw, my cat appears to have a small whole that runs through his pad.

Even though I want him to heal and do my best to keep him indoors, my cat likes to meow until I let him out at night. Coming back in the morning a little worse for wear I treat my pet to the attention that he deserves and thus far he has not shown any serious need to see a veterinarian. Reading about other pet owners, whose cats also like to get into a scrap when they are let out for the night, I have found that my situation is not uncommon among Tomcats.

Knowing that there is an ongoing need for the younger animals to prove their worth and knock the older more experienced cats from their throne, fighting is a way to gain respect and dominance in the animal kingdom. Proving who can last the longest or who is the toughest, my cat appears to be on top, even when he comes home battered and scratched up. Although the majority of his wounds are superficial there are times when resting up for the day is not enough to mend the injuries that have been suffered the night before.

In these instances when I insist that my cat stay indoors, I find that going to the animal blog helps me to know if I am being a responsible pet owner or not. So far I have found that everything my pet is doing is normal for a Tomcat that has not been neutered and still has his claws.